Masimo softFlow

patient connected to Masimo softFlow while drinking water

Masimo softFlow™

Nasal High Flow Therapy for Spontaneously Breathing Adult, Paediatric, and Neonatal Patients in Hospital and Long-Term Care Facilities

  • Respiratory support delivered through a soft nasal cannula interface
  • Wide flow range from 10-60 L/min, or 2-15 L/min in junior mode, adjustable in 0.5 L/min steps to permit flow rate to be tailored to each patient
  • Integrated flow driver provides flow without the need for wall air supply
  • Add supplemental oxygen from 0-60 L/min and up to 100% FiO2 for adults, and from 0-12 L/min in junior mode, from wall supply, oxygen cylinder, or concentrator
  • Warmed humidification of respiratory gas in 1°C steps from 30°- 37°C to tailor humidity to the patient to enhance therapy comfort and aid in mucous clearance1,2
  • Condensate-free delivery of a consistent, high-velocity flow during inspiration and exhalation to enhance therapy benefits
  • Bacterial/viral filter between device and patient, rather than between device and room air, to reduce risk of cross-contamination
  • Entire gas delivery circuit between the flow generator and patient is single-patient use, reducing the time needed to clean and disinfect between patients
infant connected to Masimo softFlow

Masimo softFlow Accessories

Masimo softFlow Accessories

patient laying in bed connected to Masimo softflow

softFlow Nasal Applicator

Available in small, standard, standard-plus, and large sizes

mannequin displaying the Veoflow Tracheostomy Interface and softFlow Tracheal Interface Applicator

Veoflow Tracheostomy Interface and softFlow Tracheal Interface Applicator

mother holding baby in arms while baby is connected to Masimo softflow

NeoFlow ultra soft High Flow Cannula

Available in premature, infant, large infant, and paediatric sizes


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For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.