Capnography & Multigas Monitoring OEM Solutions

Masimo offers flexible solutions for its Capnography and Multigas Monitoring OEM products, including its sidestream (ISA) and mainstream (IRMA) monitoring technologies. Both technologies are designed for the measurement of CO2, N2O, and anesthetic agents. The ISA sidestream analyzers or modules are available in both internal and external configurations with or without a long-life paramagnetic O2 option. The IRMA probes are offered as an external probe solution designed to connect directly to the patient circuit. Both mainstream and sidestream technologies use the same communication protocols giving the ability to change between a ISA or IRMA without any additional setup or configuration, we call it "plug-in and measure".




ISA sidestream analyzers can measure O2, CO2, N2O and anesthetic agents (HAL, ENF, ISO, SEV, DES); with automatic agent identification. ISA analyzers are available as stand alone "plug-in and measure" analyzers or as easy-to-integrate build-¬in modules. Recognizing that every clinical application is unique, the intelligent features of the ISA analyzers enable you to extend the clinical application range for your products.

  • Respiration mechanics
  • Procedural sedation
  • Capnography for ventilator management and weaning
  • Metabolic measurements and nutritional assessment
  • Automated drug infusion safety
  • Anesthesia gas monitoring

The ISA sidestream modules have, despite their miniature size, all functions needed for a complete multigas analyzer. From the intelligent light emitting gas inlet (LEGI) to an advanced flow controller and a rugged micro pump.

  • 50 mL/min sampling flow for all applications and patient categories
  • Utilizes the unique Nomoline sampling lines
  • Interfaces with a paramagnetic oxygen sensor
  • Permanently factory calibrated
  • Low system integration complexity
  • Micropower operation
  • RS232 or USB interface
  • Intelligent light emitting gas inlet (LEGI)
  • Integrated flow controller and a micro pump

ISA sidestream analyzers and modules are available in different configurations from the single gas ISA CO2 to the ISA AX+ and ISA OR+ capable of measuring CO2, N2O, anesthetic agents HAL; ENF, ISO, SEV, DES with automatic agent identification. In addition the ISA OR+ is equipped with a long-life paramagnetic oxygen sensor.

Masimo - ISA AX+ and ISA OR+





The IRMA mainstream probes measures CO2, N2O and five anesthetic agents and are available in different configurations from a single-gas CO2 probe to the multi-gas AX+ capable of measuring CO2, N2O and anesthetic agents HAL; ENF, ISO, SEV, DES and agent ID. IRMA is available as a stand alone “plug-in and measure” probe.

A complete monitor in a probe
The entire IRMA mainstream probe is as small as an oximeter sensor weighing only 25 grams. It is designed using the latest advances in component and microprocessor technology to provide a complete mainstream monitoring system with unique versatility and design. The IRMA probe measures infrared light absorption at nine different wavelengths in order to precisely determine gas concentrations in the mixture. A selection of disposable airway adapters are available for all clinical applications. The IRMA probe comprises all the necessary components required for advanced signal processing and a comprehensive digital RS232 interface. All probes are factory calibrated and deliver processed data for display on the screen of your patient monitor, ventilator, anesthesia equipment, or monitoring device. This enables full system integration flexibility without the need for any host device hardware modifications.

Maintenance free
The IRMA mainstream probe is designed to overcome the shortfalls of traditional sidestream technologies: namely, liquid and secretion handling, calibration, and service costs. The IRMA probe is factory-­calibrated and requires no assembly or calibration. It eliminates all problems associated with handling expensive calibration gas and complex calibration procedures.

A complete monitor in the palm of your hands!
The IRMA probe is a complete gas solution weighing less than 25g! Free yourself from the limitations of current solutions. Add mobility, convenience, ease of distribution, and ease of service.

Easy and inexpensive to integrate
Integrating new technology is often a time consuming procedure and a major investment. This usually requires physical space within your current design, a redesign of your power supply as well as a lengthy validation and verification process. With the IRMA probe, we are talking about an integration process that can take just a couple of weeks instead of a couple of years. All integration procedures and associated expenses have been reduced to an absolute minimum. Simply connect the IRMA probe to the digital port of your device, secure the supply voltage, and start measuring.

Masimo - IRMA AX+


Masimo - IRMA CO2


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ISA AX+ and ISA OR+ are not licensed for sale in Canada.