Masimo SafetyNet

Masimo SafetyNet™

Masimo SafetyNet™

Masimo - Masimo SafetyNet Product display with tetherless sensor, phone app and Radius-T

Designed to help providers remotely manage patient care, Masimo SafetyNet is a secure, scalable, cloud-based patient management platform featuring clinical-grade continuous measurements, digital care pathways, and remote patient surveillance.

Patients receive a multi-day supply of disposable sensors or reusable devices, along with access to the Masimo SafetyNet mobile application.

Masimo - Masimo SafetyNet Product display with tetherless sensor, phone app and Radius-T

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Pre-surgical care and confident discharge for post-surgical or acute care patients

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Chronic Care

Customised care for those with chronic conditions, such as heart- or respiratory-related illnesses

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Episodic Care

Continuous measurements using disposable sensors for patients with episodic illnesses, including fever

Seamlessly Extend Care from the Hospital to the Home

Seamlessly Extend Care from the Hospital to the Home


Continuous Wearable Sensor Kit

Lightweight and disposable sensors last up to eight days of continuous use. Paired with the app, data is automatically streamed in near-real time back to the clinician, providing notifications when parameters fall out of a customisable range.

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Radius PPG™

Tetherless pulse oximetry and respiration rate powered by clinically proven Masimo SET®

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Radius T°™

Wearable thermometer featuring trended data

Spot-Check Home Health Kit

Ideal for chronic and long-term conditions, the spot-check health kit features easy-to-use, reusable devices that can be shipped directly to the patient and quickly paired to the Masimo SafetyNet app for automated data and symptom reporting.

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  • MightySat® Rx fingertip pulse oximeter with respiration rate
  • TIR-1™ infrared thermometer, providing non-contact temperature
  • Omron® blood pressure monitor
  • Omron weight scale

Customised Care

Customised CarePrograms™ are delivered to patients’ smartphones via the app, offering a digital replacement for traditional home-care plans. In addition to automatically pushing data to the hospital for evaluation, the app allows patients to report their symptoms.

Clinician Portal

The Masimo SafetyNet clinician portal allows providers to track patient status and care-plan compliance from the hospital. With automated symptom reporting and customisable notifications, institutions can more easily deploy home-care monitoring at scale while helping clinicians stay informed about important developments in a patient’s condition.

Masimo SafetyNet CareProgram for Suspected COVID-19 Patients

Masimo SafetyNet CareProgram for Suspected COVID-19 Patients


A specialised CareProgram enables providers to monitor suspected COVID-19 patients at home until they recover or require hospital admission, collecting vital patient information by pulling data from the tetherless sensors and proactively notifying patients to submit status updates.

The Masimo SafetyNet Story

The Masimo SafetyNet Story


Discover how continual innovation and breakthrough advances have allowed Masimo to miniaturise the same clinically proven SET® monitoring technology that powers so many hospital devices and bring it into the home.


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Quick Reference Guide

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Setup Instructions

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Not all health kit devices may be available in all markets. Contact your local representative.

The Spot-Check Home Health Kit is not available in Canada.

For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information including indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions.