ISA Capnography

Root® with ISA™ CO2 Capnography

Root® with ISA™ CO2 Capnography


Providing the ultimate performance in a sidestream analyser

Masimo - Root with Capnography

The ISA™ CO2 module for the Root® patient monitoring and connectivity platform provides flexible applications across the continuum of care

  • Displays end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) waveform and measurements and trends of EtCO2, fractional concentration of inspired carbon dioxide (FiCO2), and respiration rate (RR)
  • Appropriate for monitoring infant, paediatric, or adult patients in a range of hospital environments including the OR, ICU, and general ward
  • Time saving in critical situations with virtually no warm-up time and full accuracy performance in ten seconds
  • Support quiet environment initiatives with no disturbing pump noises
  • Requires only 50 ml sampling flow to support monitoring of infants or adults
  • External module enables easy movement for use on multiple Root monitors

NomoLine™–No moisture sampling lines and cannulas

  • Supports single-patient use in high-humidity environments or multi-patient use in lower-humidity environments to reduce disposable costs
  • Revolutionary design eliminates the need for a water trap
  • Patented polymer allows water in the sampling line to evaporate into the surrounding air, while leaving oxygen, carbon dioxide, and anaesthetic gases unaffected
  • Hydrophobic bacterial filter protects ISA analysers from water intrusion and cross-contamination

*The following accuracy specifications are valid for dry single gases at 22 ± 5 °C and 1013 ± 40 kPa.


Masimo - Product Information, Root with Capnography

Product Information

Masimo - Brochure, NomoLine


For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.