Adaptive Threshold Alarm

Adaptive Threshold Alarm™*

Adaptive Threshold Alarm™*


Improved Actionable Alarm Notification

Masimo's innovative Adaptive Threshold Alarm helps reduce nuisance alarms by automatically adjusting the audible alarm to the patient's baseline. Adaptive Threshold Alarm is an optional setting with the simple on/off activation in the alarms setting menu.

Adaptive Threshold Alarm Performance is Dependent Upon:

Adaptive Threshold Alarm Performance is Dependent Upon:

  • Alarm Threshold Setting
  • Rapid Desat Setting
  • Patient Baseline SpO2
Masimo - Actionable alarm notification

5 hr patient SpO2 trend (red) showing SpO2 baseline (bold blue) and Adaptive Threshold Alarm (light blue) with the alarm delays set to 10 seconds.

Adaptive Threshold Alarm Performance:

Adaptive Threshold Alarm Performance:


An analysis of 32 million data points showed Adaptive Threshold Alarm reduced audible alarm occurrence by 86% at a low SpO2 alarm setting of 90%, which represents a significant improvement over a standard 15-second delay.

  Reduction in Alarm Occurence
Low SpO2 Alarm Setting (with No Alarm Delay, Rapid Desat Off) 15 sec delay, Rapid Desat off 15 sec delay, Rapid Desat at 10% Adaptive Threshold Alarm (15 sec delay, Rapid Desat at 10%)
90% 70% 68% 86%
88% 85% 83% 92%
85% 94% 94% 96%


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    Pending US 510(k) Clearance


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For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.